Why You Need A Custom Domain For Your BlogSpot


<img src='https://cdn.shortpixel.ai/client/q_lqip,ret_wait,w_300,h_188/http://www.entrepreneurmuslimmoms.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/custom-domain-for-blogspot-300x188.png' data-src="custom domain for blogspot.png" alt="custom domain for blogspot">A custom domain for blogspot is necessary and why? It actually makes sense to use blogspot blogging platform as a new blogger cause it is free and requires less technical skills to get started. To me  it’s a zero investment, and the return is very high. With BlogSpot platform, we get major benefits like

Free, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited storage.


  • Though storage is not unlimited but we have plenty of options like creating different author profile and use them to store images and files. The only thing which they might not like with blogSpot is .blogspot domain name, which can easily be fixed by buying a custom domain name.
  • A  BlogSpot URL is something like domain.blogspot.com, and a custom domain name is www.domain.com.
  • Although you may plan to stick to BlogSpot domain for a couple of months but the best  idea is to get a custom domain name for your blog. Why?
  • With your custom domain name, you can use it to brand yourself easily. Use a nice  favicon and logo to brand yourself. You can look for WordPress like BlogSpot themes to give an entire new look to your BlogSpot blogs.
  • With your custom domain, you are more likely to be trusted because blogspot are usually used by most spammers on the web
  • Also with your custom domain, you can easily be approved for most online programmes that requires the use of a Blog or Website e.g Affiliate programmes and CPA programmes.
  • Still on the merit of a custom domain,  you may plan to migrate your blog to WordPress and it is easy with a  custom domain name  to ensure that you do not miss out link juice, and your migration will be more search engine friendly.
  • In terms of  web promotion using  social media sites to link building most of the top websites doesn’t like giving a link back to BlogSpot domain.

To Setup The  Custom Domain Name for Your Blog


There are two ways you can publish your blog on Blogger – either by hosting it on Blogspot (example.blogspot.com) or hosting on your own custom domain (www.example.com or foo.example.com). You can change where your blog is published at any time, and it won’t cause you to lose any content on your site.


Visit any of the domain name providers on the web www.lexen.net  www.goddy.com www.1&1.com , www.interserver.net

The next step is to set up your domain with your blog. On your domain name service provider, you will be ask Where you would like to host your blog? And you will be presented with some options to choose from., on a top level domain or on a sub domain;

Log into your blogspot blog and click on settings

Click on your basics settings and locate “ set a third party domain” under publishing section.

Type in your new domain address with www.



Click on save.




You will be presented with an error message and some instructions



Go back to your dashboard in your domain name provider and locate your DNS zone file

Depending on where you purchase your domain name from cause their settings are not always the same. Put the codes given to you in the blogspot error message at the appropriate places and you are done and ready to enjoy your new domain


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