Why You Should Change Your Financial Status With MoneyMakerNG Today!

<img src = "moneymaker.png" alt = "moneymaker">Recently, I wrote about some side hustles you can start in Nigeria without quitting your job.

You can find it by clicking here.

Are you looking for a legitimate way to make extra cash without quitting your present job or other side hustles?

Introducing MoneyMaker.Ng

MoneyMaker.ng is an online learning platform to acquire new skills and to learn how to start various small scale and home based or part time businesses. It also has a great affiliate referral and MLM program which has now become the new way for Nigerians to make extra money working part-time from home or office. Their mission is to help Nigerians to become wealth creators and to help people achieve financial freedom.


Moneymaker.ng is a popular Nigerian online company that provides a new way for people in Nigeria to earn extra cash both online and offline without quitting their present job or businesses.

Why did I say both online and offline? As a moneymaker agent, you are given access to various training eBooks, skill acquisition video courses/training and various life changing materials that you can start mastering and implementing immediately and start seeing results, you are entitled to PLR (Private Label Right) to resale all these books/video courses to other people and be making money by reselling and keeping all the profits, you are also given access to their inner chamber forum where you can clarify any issue concerning the business and any other business you will like to start or doing wrongly.


How Do You Make Money With MoneyMaker.NG?

  1. You can earn commission when people join the program as an agent through you or via your affiliate link.
  2. You can earn commission when people buy products and online courses through your affiliate link.
  3. You make money by learning various skills and home based businesses that you can start and be generating extra income for yourself.
  4. You will be given free resale right to all their products-eBooks, video courses, skill acquisition tranning, that you can sell and keep all the money for yourself.


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In the moneymaker forum, you are also exposed to various life changing opportunities and various skills acquisition videos that you can repackage and start selling for a fee.

These eBooks and video course covers topics like Internet marketing courses, Affilliate marketing, Mini Importation Business Training, bead making, cake making, Ankara crafts, shoes and bags training, soap making etc.

Commission Structure in MoneyMaker.ng

Commissions are paid down to 10 Levels.

  1. You Receive 30%commission for any product you sell or for any Agent that Registers directly under you. This is your first level.
  2. You Receive 20%commission when an Agent that you registered sells a product from the online shop or brings in a new Agent – this is your 2nd Level.
  3. You Receive 5%commission every time someone in your 2nd Level sells a product from the shop or registers a new person (this is your 3rd Level).
  4. From your 4th Level down to your 10th Level you receive 1%commission whenever a product is sold or a new Agent is registered by Agents in your downline.

How Do Get Paid?

In MoneymakerNG, all Payments are done through Nigeria’s safest online wallet known as VoguePay. You will need to open a VoguePay account for Free to be able to receive your payments as an agent,your commissions are sent to your VoguePay account 4 to 5 days after the total crosses N100 (One hundred naira). From your VoguePay account you can then withdraw the funds directly into your Nigerian or non-Nigerian bank account at any time


How Do You Join the MoneyMaker.NG?

You can join the moneymaker.ng for free!

Yes, you heard me right! You can be a free member of moneymaker.ng for live…………………….BUT , it is better to join for free and later upgrade with a token of ;

N1,000 as a Bronze member (1K)

N5,000 as a Silver member (5K)

N12,000 as a Gold member (12K)


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As a free member of the company, you are eligible to some eBooks that you can start implementing their contents immediately and be making money but you are not given the private label right to resell any of their product or products, you are not allow access to the video courses and you are not entitled to commissions even if you register a new member or people purchase any of their products through your affiliate link until upgrade to either bronze, silver or gold.

As a Bronze and Silver agent of the company, you are given full access to the inner chamber forum, you earn passive income on 10 levels deep, you have access to various products, PLR right to resell their training courses and videos, free skills acquisition training etc.

As a Gold member (this is the BIG one), you get the benefits of both Bronze and Silver Agents, fish farming training, snail farming training, access to all the future products, Website Design tutorials/training, Making money online training, Mini Importation Business, Cake Baking, Gele Tieing, Bead Making, Ankara Shoe and Bag Making, Poultry, Catfish, Grasscutter, Soap making, Perfume, Izal making and lots more.

Also, the Best Performing Gold Agents Get:

  • Foodstuff and gift items for the best performing Gold Agents
  • Loan facilities for the best performing Gold Agents for business execution/Projects
  • Hotel vacations and lot more

Alot of success stories have been recorded, you can click here to read about some of their testimonials


A browsing phone/Laptop and an internet connection to start making money within the comfomt of your home/office.

Click here to Join for Free!

You can also chat me up on whatapp to learn more about the business.

See you at the Top!

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