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Women Entrepreneurs Arena is a page established with the sole intention of inspiring and motivating as many women as possible that are thinking of starting their own businesses. It is a motivational page for women towards achieving success in their businesses

Today, permit me to crush on a beautiful, elegant and powerful woman of substance. A woman that fight against all odds to achieve success.

Join me in this interview session with the CEO of Mabelle Makeover in person of Mrs Yusuff Teslimat


  1. Please introduce yourself and your business.

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My name is Teslimat Yusuff. I am a wife, mom of three beautiful kids (Alihamdulilahi), a part time Human Resource Co-ordinator (HR) and a full time freelance makeup artist.

  1. What inspired you to start working from home/Office? Did anyone in particular inspire you?

I got into makeup by chance as it was not planned and I never thought I would become one. But Alhamdulilah, it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  1. Is your family supportive of you being a working mother or a mompreneur?

Yes, my family is very supportive of my passion and I’m thankful for that as at times I’m often away from them for a short while which they do understand the need for it.

  1. What are the main challenges you face as a Mompreneur/Entrepreneur?

My biggest challenge would be trying to juggle both roles but I tend to prioritize properly so that none suffers

  1. Describe a typical working day. Are there specific times in the day that you work on your business?

As I mentioned earlier, I currently do two jobs (HR & Makeup Artistry), my HR role is a part time role. On these days, I get to wake up as early as 5am to get myself and my youngest child ready and by 6am, I’m out of the house to get to work for 7am. I finish usually around 2pm and it’s another run back home to pick  up the kids for 3pm. Once they are back home, they get to have a light lunch and we are out again for after school activities and Arabic lessons.


The other free days are for my makeup jobs which tend to vary subject to my bookkings. Most times, they are full day bookings of up to 15hours and sometimes lesser.

  1. What makes Your Business different from your competitors?

All makeup artists have a unique style of makeup process and application. This always make each person’s makeup look different from the other. My unique style is usually  “natural and flawless makeup looks” and my clients come to me for these looks.

  1. what helps keep you motivated?

Knowing that I want and need to be successful motivates me a lot. Another motivating factor for me is the priceless smiles and appreciation I get from clients after every makeup session with them.


  1. Where would you like to see your business in the future?

Being a household name in the beauty industry.

Video Source: Mabelle Makeover (Youtube)




  1. What advice would you give to upcoming mumpreneurs?

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Be strong and never let either of your role suffers. May Allah SWT continue to strength us. Also, whatever you do, don’t burn out. Always create your “Me Time” as regular as possible so as to keep the flame burning effectively and efficiently.


You can connect with Mabelle Makeover on instagram @hajia_belle @mabellemakeover

Thanks for being part of this amazing interview session with the CEO of Mabelle Makeover, we hope you have gained one or two things from this motivational session that can aid you in your entrepreneurship journey too. Do share your taught with us in the comment section.

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