WordPress Content Translation Plugins. Does it Actually Work?

<img src='https://cdn.shortpixel.ai/client/q_lqip,ret_wait,w_300,h_206/http://www.entrepreneurmuslimmoms.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/wordpress-content-translation-plugin-1-300x206.png' data-src="ATTACHMENT DETAILS  wordpress-content-translation-plugin-1.png" alt="ATTACHMENT DETAILS  wordpress-content-translation-plugin-1.png">A blog or website that runs on more than one language might require the use of wordpress content translation plugins. Ways to translate your blog from one language to another includes; The use of the service or services of a professional blog or website translator which may sometimes be too expensive. You can as well hire a writer that is Bilingual and very fluent in the second language. Also there is a free tool or tools that are perfect for blog or website translation on Google that is capable of translating even more complex phrases. Also, if you are on wordpress platform, there are so many plugins you can use but the question now is if those plugin actually worth using or not? The Blog or website translator plugins on wordpress are either free or premium/paid ones but it better you go for the premium translation plugings if your website or blog is large with a lot of posts. Some of these Plugins are listed below;
This is a free translation plugin with less support unlike the paid ones with 24hours support for customers. Although this plugin has quick install that allows you to quickly install it but you can only publish translated versions of your post from the admin dashboard.

This is a premium plugin with different payment plans. The minimum you can pay is $29 and their services includes menu translations post translations, browser language detection, and tag translations. Also available are themes, custom fields, e-commerce, widgets etc. You can subscribe to a year plan or a one time fee of $195. It is a very popular plugin with about 40 languages and their support is great.
This is another free plugin that support about 70 languages. Their services also includes widget support for custom widget writers
This is another plugin with awesome features, it is not only free but also produces translated version of your blog or website posts on multiple site with different URLs and each with a different language focus. All you need do is to set it up and the rest are done automatically as you post new contents.
One thing is to use a translation plugin, another thing is to make sure that all other things like your themes, widgets are translated aside the contents. Sometimes people rely on automatic language detection which is not good enough. Although, user selection options is present in most of the translation plugins mentioned above.

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